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Poster: US Merchants Association Date: Jan 6, 2003 7:48pm
Forum: bookmobile Subject: Re: How to stop Laser paper from Crinkling ?

There are a few common reasons for 'crinkled' output in the print process, I would hazard a guess that your problem would lay with one of the top two.

1. The rollers and bushings of the printer are dirty, worn or hardened. Problems with paperpath case crinkling when one side of the paper is pushed or pulled with more force than the other, in effect 'gathering' the paper till the other side catches up. What usually happens is one side has hardened, slick or worn rollers that won't grip as good as the other. This can usually be corrected/prevented by proper cleaning and maintenence techniques.

The second problem is much more insidious and harder to spot. This has to do with the nature of paper itself. If paper is not properly stored, it will gain excess moisture from the atmosphere. This can lead to numerous problems with printing, but is generally the #1 cause for paperjams in laser printers and copiers. Before the paper gets to the point of completely jamming the works by scrunching up inside, it can usually be seen in the feed tray as pages that have been creased/double folded in the center or with bunching in the corners. The moisture causes the paper to 'stick' in various places inside while the rollers continue to push. If the paper releases with just a small gather it is likely to make it to the output tray with that familiar accordian kind of fold in it, if it doesn't release, you will be pulling it out of the works. This is especially a problem with paper left in printers overnight, and in mobile applications where 'opened' paper is not stored with dryers (silica beads, etc) in air tight containers. If you look at the package the paper comes in, you will see that the interior of the wrapper around the paper is generally a thin plastic. This is too prevent the paper from absorbing atmospheric moisture before use. Once the paper is open, you need to only take out what you are using, and keep the rest sealed.

Hope this clarifies things for you, and helps you diagnose your troubles.